Sponsorship or Program Advertising

To inquire about sponsorship or program advertising, please contact:

Bouchercon 2019
c/o Mystery Mike's
958 Oscar Lane
Carmel, IN 46032


Phone: 317-402-6091

The Pocket Program

Bouchercon at Your Fingertips

Advertising in the Pocket Program is a cost-effective vehicle for reaching all of the expected 2,500 attendees.

  • Specifically designed to fit inside attendee badge holder.

  • Quick reference by attendees throughout each day of the conference.

  • Full-color advertising.

  • Convention hotel floorplans.

The Large Keepsake Program Book

"We are all pilgrims on the same journey – but some pilgrims have better road maps." – Nelson DeMille

The large, spiral-bound book provides all attendees and sponsors an in-depth guide to assist in managing and enjoying their Bouchercon 2019 experience. In addition to features, profiles and nominees, we’ve added new information and content including:

  • Full-color design

  • Events and panel schedules

  • Information about official Bouchercon 2019 charity

  • A salute to 50 years of Bouchercon

  • Convention hotel floorplans

  • Booksellers and vendors, and much more


Cling Advertising

 If you would like cling advertising space, please contact BCon2019clingads@gmail.com to check availability. Photos of the various walls, columns, and branding spaces are on the next few pages.

 Check desired cling ad area for submission– please use a separate form for each agreed upon ad.

  •  Columns and Cattle Doors (Full color and vertical.)

  • Reunion Columns (96"W x 132 1/2"H)  $1232.00

  • Trinity Crossing Columns (96"W x 149"H)  $1400.00 Cattle Doors In-Between Reunion Ballroom & Trinity  (38 1/4"W x 95"H)

     $364.00 each side

  • Walls and Mirror (Full color)

  • Reunion Wall #1 (211"W x 137"H)  $2814.00

  • Reunion Wall #2  (287"W x 137"H)

Divided into cost-efficient, individual squares to help support and commemorate         Bouchercon 2019 (24’W x 24’H)  $250

  • Mirror In-Between Trinity A & B (65.5"W x 77.5"H)  $504.00

Contact Information:

Name:  ______________________________________­­­­­­­_______________________________

Company:  ___________________________________________________________________

Address:  ____________________________________________________________________

City/State/ZIP:  _______________________________________________________________

Phone:  _____________________________________________________________________

E-mail:  _____________________________________________________________________

Please email this form and your artwork to BCon2019clingads@gmail.com. (PDF or JPEG or TiF) 150 dpi for older commemorative photos. 400 dpi or higher for current artwork. Once your artwork is approved, you will be sent a Quicken invoice which you may pay with bank card, bank account or pay pal.

 Deadline to submit artwork is August 1, 2019. Payment is due no later than August 12, 2019.