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Unfortunately, the online registration program couldn’t process your photographs to our standards. As we are committed to your photo and bio looking as professional and perfect as possible for our 50th anniversary keepsake program, we designed a simple, quick and secure form for you to fill out and return. If you are an author, please complete and upload your photo and bio here:

Bios can be no more than 400-characters, including spaces. You can use the same one as you did when you registered (or a new one if you prefer) – and you will be all set. The system will not accept more than 400 characters. Spaces are counted as characters. To help fans find the latest information about your books, include your website in your bio character count. Please complete your JotForm upload by May 15.

Note: A bio and photo is required for panel consideration.

We have tested this system with smart phone and other types of images. Successful uploads have been accomplished. Should you experience any difficulty, please contact us